Completely Done for You
Content Marketing Service

This is a done for you SEO content marketing service designed for Saas companies, ecommerce companies, and online course businesses.

We will publish high quality content, promote your blog posts, and build links so you grow your audience, generate more leads and build your business.

Here's everything that comes with the service.

Content Marketing Plan

We will create a content marketing plan where we’ll develop the overall strategy for your business.  

We will identify which types of content will best convert readers into email addresses, trials, or sales, depending on what your goal is..

Keyword Research

We’ll do at least three types of keyword research strategies:

Low Hanging Fruit - This is the content designed for the bottom of your funnel.  It’s where we attract customers ready to buy your products/services right now.  It may not get tons of traffic, but this is the content that brings home the bacon.

Proven Content - Why write content that isn’t going to attract your ideal buyers?  You shouldn’t. So we will analyze content that is already successful, reverse engineer why it’s working, and make it even better.

Competitor Gap Analysis - If you’re competitors have been around for a while, then they probably have a lot of keywords already ranking high. We’ll look at what they’re ranking for and “borrow” some of these keywords where it makes sense for you business.

Content Development

Each week we’ll create either one or two 2,000 word articles for you.  (Depending on your budget, of course.)

These articles will be well written and designed to rank in Google, attract your ideal buyer, and eventually convert them into a lead or a sale.

On Page Optimization

Each post we publish goes through a rigorous optimization process.  We make sure that it has the necessary content that will help it rank above your competition. 


We’ll publish and format every single post for you.  This includes finding images, featured images, and formatting the post so it looks good!

Link Building

Last but not least, we’ll handle link building and promotion.  We’ll use proven blogger outreach strategies to promote your blog post and ensure it gets high quality links to help it rank.

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