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Amy Crane  //  Social Media Labs

When I First Started Blogging, I was didn't even come close to getting the results I expected.

Greg Digneo

A few years ago, I was pretty much in the same spot you're in now.

I was spending hours writing and publishing what I thought were great posts, but no one was reading them. 

See what I mean?

What a fail.

3 months later, I came to a realization. (Yup, it took me that long!😅 )

I needed to try something new, or give up the blog.

Step 1: Find *better* blog post topics.

You see, attracting readers and converting them into sales all starts with choosing the right topic. Most of us choose a topic we *think* our audience will love.

This is a huge mistake!

Instead, we need to choose topics based on a pain our *ideal customers* face month after month.

Step 2: Create a "Wow, that was good" post

Most advice you get about blogging is "create great content".

Or "create 10x content".

I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea what that means. 🤷‍♂️

It's totally subjective!

So, instead of creating great content, we need to create content that makes the reader mumble under their breath "wow, that was good".

These are the posts that convert readers into customers.

Step 3: Leverage other people's audience

The biggest mistake we bloggers usually make is AFTER we hit publish.

Most of us simply email our list, post on social, and call it a day.

But if you only do this, you're not actually growing your blog. You're just keeping in touch with people who already know you.

The solution: leverage other people's audiences.

After doing these thee steps, my results looked drastically different,

We were getting traffic to every single post we published.  And not just any traffic.  We were getting recurring traffic. Traffic that comes back month after month after month.  

I want to show you how to do the exact same thing:

Here's everything you'll learn:

- How to choose the perfect blog topic for attracting your targeted audience

- How to write a "Damn, that's good" post.

- How to promote your post by leveraging other people's audiences... I recently used this strategy to get an additional 1300 people to my post in 3 days!

Sound good?

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