You just worked your butt off.

You built your email list.  You launched your product. You made a few bucks… or maybe you made a killing!

But now what?

You don’t want to go through another launch again.  I mean, it was exhausting the first time. Not to mention the highs and lows of launching don’t lead to consistent income.

What you need is a way to grow your business month after month.

What you need, is an evergreen funnel.

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    What is an evergreen funnel?

    An evergreen funnel is a marketing sequence that runs on autopilot, turning website visitors into customers.

    Because it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is where the holy grail of “passive income” comes from.  Because the funnel is working while you sleep.

    (Ok, enough with these cliches.  We all know that this takes work.)

    Before I show you two funnels you can swipe and implement today, let’s talk about the components of an Evergreen Funnel.

    Swipe this Evergreen Sales Funnel

    There are four key components to a successful evergreen funnel:  A high converting landing page, an automated drip email sequence, a high converting sales page, and scarcity.

    Let’s dive into each one.

    Landing Page

    Your evergreen funnel starts with a high converting landing page.  

    This is where you are going to focus the bulk of your traffic, either from your blog or from your paid advertisement, in order to turn a website visitor into a lead.

    You do this by giving away a lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

    Here is my landing page that I use.

    Profitable Blog

    Tools to Create Landing Pages

    At Entice, I recommend two tools to create your landing page.

    I’ve personally used both and have had great success.


    Leadpages is a self hosted landing page software that features a very intuitive drag and drop editor.

    There are templates that are pre-tested for their conversion rates, so you just need to change the colors, add your text and know you will have a high converting landing page.

    Thrive Themes

    The second landing page tool that I recommend is Thrive Themes.

    Thrive is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create landing pages right in your WordPress dashboard.

    They have a variety of templates to choose from that will help you ensure your landing page converts well.

    The one drawback to Thrive is that you must be using in order to use the tool.  

    Once you capture their email address, it’s time to send them through an automated email sequence.

    Create a sense of Urgency

    One of the most powerful drivers to a successful live launch is the sense of urgency that is created.

    Typically, in a live launch, the cart “opens” for a period of time before “closing” and the offer is gone forever.

    With an evergreen funnel, simulating this sense of urgency can dramatically increase your conversion rate in your funnel.

    (Note:  I’m going to share a few ways people add urgency.  It’s up to you to decide which is right for you.)

    1.  Close the cart.  With an evergreen funnel, you can still “close the cart”.  Kind of. You can tell people that the offer is “going away” forever, but in reality it isn’t.  If someone just enters in their email address again at the top of the funnel, they’ll see the product again.  

    2.  Raise the price. Just as with the cart closing, you can tell people that the price is going up if they don’t act now.  Again, if they enter their email address at the top of the funnel, they’ll see the reduced price.

    3.  Remove the “fast action bonus”.  This is the option that I choose.  For me, it just feels the most ethical. The course will remain.  The price stays the same. The only thing that goes away is the bonuses.  And if they truly want the bonus, they can just enter their email again and go through the funnel.  

    To make all of these scenarios possible, there is a really cool tool call Deadline Funnel.  That’s what I use.  And it works like a charm.

    Automated Email Sequence

    The automated sequence is where the heavy lifting of your evergreen funnel takes place.  

    So, what I decided to do was give you my emails that I have used in a previous funnel that converted.  Feel free to swipe them and use them as you see fit. 🙂

    By the way, if you need an email marketing tool, here's a complete list of them.

    Day 1:  Welcome Email

    My goal with my welcome email is two fold:

    First, I want to deliver my lead magnet.  I usually just link to the page it’s on.

    And second, I love to get people to respond to me.  This is a “micro-conversion” that gets people a bit more invested in me, my email sequence, and my product.

    If I show that I’m a “real” person, and not someone who just throws up an ad and a funnel, I can develop that relationship before asking for the sale. 

    Subject:  You’re In!


    Thanks for signing up. 2 quick things:

    Thing 1:  Hit reply to this email and let me know one thing that you are struggling with right now regarding your blog.

    In the past, folks have told me they’ve struggled getting more traffic, coming up with blog post ideas, and growing their email list.

    And I respond to every email, no matter how large or small your challenge is.

    Thing 2:  You can grab your training here:  (link to training)

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    The cool thing is, I get quite a bit of engagement from this email.  For instance:

    Day 2 and 3:  Value Add Emails

    During these two days, you're emails are going to continue to add value to your user.  

    The best way to do this is to create content that compliments your lead magnet while building a bridge to your online course.

    Day 4:  Future Pacing Email

    Day four is when we let our audience know that we have a premium training to help them achieve their goal.  

    Subject: Enrollment in Content that Converts opens tomorrow. (Mark Your Calendars)

    First of all, give yourself a pat on the back.

    If you’ve gone through the mini-course, then you’re already 10 steps ahead of your competitors.

    While they’re still busy guessing what blog post to write next, hoping that people actually read it, you’re well under way to getting your tools post ranked on page one of Google…

    ...Guaranteeing that you’ll get qualified buyers (people who have money and need your products or services) to your site for months and years to come.)

    That was the goal I promised you at the beginning of the course; to get a post to rank on page one.

    Now it’s time to take things up a notch with a coaching program I created Stupid Simple SEO.

    The goal?

    To show you everything you need to know to get 100,000 qualified buyers to your site each and every month through organic search.

    This is the exact strategy that has been flushed out over a 3 year period and taken to well over 100,000 qualified buyers per month (in organic search traffic alone).

    I’m not going to share you the details about it right now (I’ll save that till tomorrow), but if any of the following are true, mark your calendars for tomorrow at 10 AM:

    You’re looking for a systemized, step-by-step, program that will help you get your blog and your website to 100,000 qualified buyers per month… without spending a dime on ads.

    You want a singular, proven strategy to help you get more traffic, leads, and sales so you can take the guesswork out of content marketing(I’ve spent 3 years figuring this stuff out… no need for you to waste that much time or money doing the same).

    You want to stop wasting time deciding what to write and only focus on topics that are guaranteed to bring potential customers to your site.

    You want (more) exact email templates that will help you reach out to popular bloggers and influencers.

    Get ready for tomorrow.  It’s time to arm yourself with the instruction and tools you need to guarantee a better, more profitable, more focused content marketing strategy.

    Until then,


    Day 5:  Introduction Email

    Now, we get to tell people all about our course.  In this introduction email, you’ll notice 4 things.

    First, I have 3 Call to Actions that link to the sales page that I created.  Two in the body of the email and one in the P.S.

    Second, I like to let people know exactly what the course is all about in the email.  That way when they go to the sales page, there is no surprise.

    Third, I remind people what they learned in the lead magnet and value emails and open a gap between where they are now, and where they need to be.  The course obviously fills that gap.

    Fourth, I introduce a fast action bonus to incentivize people to sign up for the course right now. 


    Do you know the blogging hamster wheel of doom?

    It goes something like this:

    You write a blog post, promote it on social media, see a spike in traffic, and a week later, the post is lost to the internet.

    I’ve been there and done that. Don’t wanna do that again!

    The past 3 days, you learned exactly how to get your first 1,000 readers to your blog. But, now you might be wondering "how do I scale my blog beyond 1,000 readers? There's not enough time to repeat this process over and over again."

    You see, in order to grow your blog beyond 1,000 readers a month, your posts need to get traffic WITHOUT you promoting them! In other words, they need to get traffic on auto-pilot.

    This way, you won't have spikes in traffic, but instead, you'll have a steady growth of traffic month after month. Older posts will continue to get traffic while you're working on new posts.

    And THAT'S that secret to growing your blog to 3,000 readers; 5,000 readers; and 10,000 readers a month!

    That’s why I created Content that Converts... For business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their blog to generate high quality leads month after month after month.

    Content that Converts is a self paced online course where you learn step-by-step how to grow your blog to 3,000 qualified buyers; 5,000 qualified buyers; and even 10,000 qualified buyers and beyond...

    Click here to check out Content that Converts now!

    Here’s everything that you’re going to get:

    Module 1: How to Create a Lead Gen Site

    Before you write another post, you need to ensure that the traffic you get converts into leads... and ultimately customers. So that's what we cover in Module 1.

    You’ll learn:

    1. How to create a high converting lead magnet that moves visitors into qualified leads

    2. The critical ingredients to a successful landing page

    3. Landing page copy that entices visitors to give their email address.

    4. Turn your blog into a lead capture machine... without being annoying

    Module 2: Find Content Ideas that Will Attract Buyers and Convert them Into Leads

    This module is all about identifying what your buyers are searching for. Otherwise known as keyword research.

    You’ll learn:

    1. How to Identify "Low Hanging Fruit" Keywords... these convert traffic into customers like gang busters.

    2. How to Identify "High Traffic" Keywords.

    3. How to plan Your Content Calendar for the Year

    4. Watch in Real Time How I Find content ideas for a brand new site

    5. 7 "Plug and Play" content ideas that will rank on page one without doing a ton of link building.

    Module 3: Create Kick Ass Content

    Not every piece of content is created equal. You’ll learn how to take your content to the next level to make sure it ranks higher than your competitor’s content, your potential buyers absolutely love it, and want to do business with you!

    You’ll learn:

    1. How to figure out what to write so you never feel paralyzed by a blank page again.

    2. How to make sure your content consistently ranks higher than your competition’s

    Module 4: Tips on Getting Your Content to Rank Higher

    Every blog post needs a some key elements so search engines rank it above your competitors. In this module, we’ll go over how to structure your post to make sure that Google absolutely loves it.

    You’ll learn:

    1. Why You Need to Optimize Your Content

    2. On-Site Optimization strategies that will help your content rank higher.

    3. How to increase your click through rate... and why that's important.

    4. How to make sure people actually read your posts.

    5. LSI Keywords... no sweat if you don't know what they are. 🙂

    Module 5: Promote Your Content the Right Way

    As the manager of a popular blog, you wouldn’t believe all the shitty… errr… I mean crappy emails I get from people asking me to promote their posts. This module will show you how not to be that guy or gal.

    You’ll learn:

    1. The No Brainer Outreach Strategy

    2. Cold Email Outreach... Without being spammy

    3. How to promote your posts through guest posting

    4. My favorite strategy: The Traffic 2-Step

    Module 6: Link Building

    The Holy Grail of Outreach is getting your content backlinks so it ranks on Google's first page. That's what we cover in this module.

    You'll learn:

    1. The psychology behind why someone will link to you.

    2. The collaboration outreach strategy that works for every single post you write.

    3. Cold email outreach... the right way!

    Fast Action Bonus 1: Sales Pages that Convert (Available only until the timer expires!)

    What good is traffic and email addresses without an incredible sales page that converts leads into customers? You're right! It's a waste of time and money!

    That's why in this bonus, you'll learn step-by-step how to create an amazing sales page... even if you're not a great copywriter!

    You'll learn:

    1. How to create a great introduction that hooks in your readers

    2. How to overcome their primary objection

    3. How to build desire so your reader can't wait to hear what you have to offer.

    4. You'll learn about the "Bridge"

    5. How to get people to take action and buy your product or service!

    Again, to get all six modules and Sales Pages for $397 that Convert click the link below

    Get Access to Content that Converts here!

    I can’t wait to see you inside!



    Click here to get access to Content that Converts now! (Remember, once the timer runs out, so does the bonus!)

    Day 6:  The Case Study

    Now that you’ve introduced your product, you want to get your ideal customers to envision what life would be like after they implement your training (assuming they didn’t buy after the “Introduction Email”.

    With my case study, I like to keep it within reach of where the person is now.  

    So, instead of saying “hey, implement my course and get 100,000 monthly blog visitors”, I talk about getting 300 visitors a month to a single blog post.

    The first seems out of reach.  And if they can get 300 visitors to a single blog post once… they can do it again and again.

    Subject:  How we got 300 visitors a month to this blog post


    I want to share something I absolutely know to be true:

    “A single piece of content ranked in Google can change your life and your business”

    For instance, this post gets about 300 visitors a month - every month - like clock work.

    We created the post a while ago, did a launch and some initial promotion.  And we haven’t touched it since. It just sits at the top of Google getting us traffic.

    Now, 300 visitors a month isn’t a lot… but it can totally change your life.

    For instance, let’s say you are able to convert 1% of those 300 visitors a month into customers.

    That means that post will bring you 3 new customers every single month.

    And if you sell a $400 course… that post will add $1,200 in revenue per month, without buying ads and constantly doing email outreach or other promotions.

    That’s over $14,000 in revenue per year from that one post!

    Will this one post make you rich?  No.

    But it can help you pay down the rent, or save for college, or pay off a credit card bill.

    Like I said, I truly believe one blog post can change your life.

    And that’s why I’ve created Content that Converts.

    Click Here to Learn More About Content that Converts!

    You got this


    P.S.  Remember, once time runs out, the fast action bonus goes away.

    Day 7:  The “5 Reasons Why” Email

    Let’s assume that your prospect didn’t buy after the case study, the next email we send is the “5 reasons why” email.

    This email is designed to overcome objections.  (If you’ve signed up for other courses, you may see this titled “is this course right for me” or “5 FAQ’s about the course”.

    No matter how you decide to position the email, the intentions are the same.  Make sure that your reader knows why they should buy the course right now.

    Subject:  5 Reasons Why this Is a No Brainer


    As you know, Content that Converts, my self paced training program showing you how to create a highly profitable blog, has opened.

    Get Access to Content that converts Here!

    In case you haven’t pulled the trigger on it, I wanted to give you a five reasons why you should jump on board today!

    Reason 1: One blog post ranked in the top 5 of Google can change your business and your life

    This is the reason that I created this course.

    I’ve experienced first hand how a blog post can change the course of your business and your life.

    The very first time we ranked a high converting piece of content for Time Doctor, a light switch went on.

    The post automatically attracted qualified buyers… and those buyers turned into leads and customers. Without us having to do additional promotion.

    Yes, we had to promote it in the beginning, and build links to it, but once it settled into the first page, we were able to move on and do the same thing again and again and again.

    Once you get one post to rank and see results, it becomes an addiction. You’ll want to do it over and over again.

    Your business, and your life, will be changed forever.

    Reason 2: You get access to Sales Pages that Convert

    For the next day or so, you'll get access to Sales Pages that Convert.

    This is a full module that will teach you step by step how to write a sales pages that converts your leads into sales!

    And once the timer runs out, you won't have access to it any more.

    Reason 3: The Content that Converts System is battle tested and proven

    For the past three years, I’ve been knee deep in creating content and blog posts to help grow a software company. I’ve learned what works, and more importantly, learned what doesn’t.

    In other words, you’re not buying a video course about some theories based on content marketing, you’re buying a foolproof system that has been proven to build a business.

    The course focuses 100% on helping you create content to sell more of your products and services.

    You get to skip all the trial and errors, failures and heartbreaks and get right to the good stuff… the stuff that actually works in getting customers in the door and money into your pocket.

    Reason 4: We’re in a golden age of content marketing

    When I first started blogging in 2008, I’d be able to write a crappy list post, do a bit of outreach and my post would have gotten tons of traffic (unfortunately, I didn’t realize this at the time).

    These days, there’s a bit more competition. You have to think a bit more strategically about what type of content you’re going to create and how you’re going to promote it.

    The good news is: you’re reading this email and you have the ability to leap frog 99% of the competition.

    You have the ability to kick start a long term traffic strategy that will bring an extra 3, 5, or even 10 thousand qualified buyers to your site per month. And if you’re starting from ground zero, that’s perfectly fine.

    With Content that Converts, you’ll still see results much much faster than if you were going at it alone. (Hey, if you checked out the challenge, you know I was able to get over 1300 people to my brand new site in a month! You can do better, I’m sure of it!)

    The faster you get started, the faster you’ll transform your blog, website, business into a machine that builds your email list and generate leads

    Reason 5: You can try the whole course risk free

    Here’s the thing:

    I want you to get results with the Content that Converts system. You can try out the entire course, put it to work for you, your blog, and your business, for 30 days.

    If you decide that the course is not right for you, or if you simply hate the font I use on the slides, then shoot me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll refund your money right away.

    The only thing I will ask is why you’re refunding… Only because I want to make the course better. (But don’t worry, it’s not mandatory. You’ll get your money back regardless.)

    There is absolutely zero risk on your end.

    Just click below and I’ll see you on the inside!

    Get Access to Content that Converts Here



    Day 8 (Part 1):  We’re running out of time

    On the 8th day of the sequence, I send two emails.  Both are a reminder that the fast action bonus goes away if they don’t buy the course by the time the deadline hits.

    Hey (

    Tonight it’s all coming to a close - the funnel challenge recap page is coming down, the bonuses will be going away, and a new round of students will start crushing their blog.

    Will you be one of them?

    Over the last week, I’ve share some epic stuff with you.

    I shared how I’ve created several blog posts that generate thousands of visitors a month.

    I’ve showed you how to get your first 200 readers

    And I’ve given you some behind the scenes stats to show you that this stuff works.

    So now the question stands, are you ready to join Content that Converts?

    Just to recap everything you get with the Content that Converts training:

    - How to create a lead gen site that will explode your email list
    - How to find content ideas that will attract buyers to your blog AND convert them into leads
    - How to create kick ass content that’s easy to promote and will get read month after month after month
    - How to optimize your blog post for higher rankings in Google and better conversions
    - How to promote your content the right way
    - How to build links so your posts skyrocket up Google’s rankings

    And you get all of this for $397.

    Plus, until Midnight tonight, you’ll get the complete funnel challenge records added to your site.

    So are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to create a popular (and profitable) blog and build the business you deserve?

    If you’re ready for more, click here to join Content that Converts.

    I’ll see you inside!


    Day 8 (Part 2):  The Final Reminder

    This email is the final email I send letting the person know that the fast action bonus is expiring in just a few hours. 

    Subject: If not now, then when?

    I know that’s a bit forward..

    I know this stuff works.  And I want you to experience the success that I’ve had building the Time Doctor blog.  

    I know this is a major moment for some of the people reading this.


    Because if you want to get serious about blogging for your business, then you have one of two options.

    Do what I did and spend 3 years spinning my tires in the mud and getting absolutely nowhere trying to figure all this stuff out…

    Or you can get a step by step blue-print that will put you on the fast track to growing a profitable and popular blog.

    I really want to see you inside the course crushing it… building a popular bmaking the money you deserve.

    Get access to Content that Converts right now.

    If you’ve opened this email- you know it’s decision time.  But you’re not sure if you should spend $397. You are worth $397… and much much more.

    See you on the inside!


    Evergreen Webinar Funnel

    Let’s say you want to have a webinar as your primary lead magnet.  

    You can easily tweak the emails from Day 5 through Day 8 and implement them starting the day after someone signs up to watch your webinar.

    Over to You…

    Now that you know all of the components of an evergreen funnel, it’s time to implement your own.  

    To make it easier for you, I’ve created a document with all of the emails in one place.

    You can grab it in the exlusive blog post bonus.

    Exclusive Blog Post Bonus:  Click there to download the EXACT emails that I use in my evergreen funnel to sell my online course.  Swipe them and make them your own!