Hey there!

I'm Greg.  That's me right there ------>

This blog is all about marketing.  More specifically, it's all about content marketing.  Because that's what I know best.

At the moment, my day job is doing content marketing and SEO for a software company.  The team and I have taken that blog to over 130,000 visitors per month.

This blog is where I share everything I've learned.

And continuing to learn.

Growing a blog from scratch (and no budget) has presented me with so many challenges that I have totally forgotten about.  (Like where do you get those first few readers?

I got spoiled.  And a bit soft.  But now I'm back in the trenches talking about my favorite subject... Marketing.

On this blog, you'll read case studies about everything we've done at Time Doctor and everything I'm doing to grow Entice 

Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, I've only been asked these questions a few times... but I didn't know how to word this section.

1.  Why is the blog named Entice?

A few years ago, I had the idea to build a viral marketing app.  (You can get the free version here.  The paid version is no more.)  Anyway, I decided I didn't want to sell it.  Mostly because it's not something I was willing to use myself.  So, I figured instead of coming up with a new name and new hosting, I figured I'd just repurpose what I already had.  

2.  How are you planning to monetize?

Ummmmm.... that's a great question.  I'm not 100% sure.  I want to spend some time getting traffic, building an email list, and then eventually monetize.  That might be an agency, an online course, or an app.  Or all 3.  If you have any ideas, email me [email protected]  Thanks!

3.  Why start a marketing blog?

Friends don't let friends start marketing blogs.  It's crazy stupid to do.  But I LOVE talking about marketing.  It's my passion.